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Deal with him, O Thou Who forgivest the sins of men and concealest their faults, as beseemeth the heaven of Thy bounty and the ocean of Thy grace.  Grant him admission within the precincts of Thy transcendent mercy that was before the foundation of earth and heaven.  There is no God but Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous. 

Denomination Key ABC - American Baptist 
ABC/NBC NBC/ABC - Dually aligned American Baptist and National Baptist
AG - Assemblies of God 
AME - African Methodist Episcopal 
ANGLICAN - Anglical
ARC - Alliance of Reformed Churches
BGC - Baptist General Conference
BAPT - Baptist (unspecified) 
BBF - Bible Baptist Fellowship
BRETHREN - Brethren
CAL - Calvary Churches 
CBF - Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
CCCC - Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
Christian - Independent Christian Churches or unspecified
CMA - Christian & Missionary Alliance
CME  - Christian Methodist Episcopal
COC - Church of Christ
COG - Church of God, Cleveland
COGA - Church of God, Anderson 
COGIC - Church of God in Christ 
CONGREG - Congregationalist (unspecified)   
CRC - Christian Reformed Church
DOC - Disciples of Christ 
EC - Evangelical Covenant 
EPIS - Episcopal 
EF - Evangelical Free 
ELCA - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
EPC - Evangelical Presbyterian Church
EVAN - Evangelical
FCA - Fellowship of Christian Assemblies
4SQ - Four Square 
GBA - General Baptist Association
HOLINESS - Holiness (unspecified)
ICC - International Church of Christ 
IPHC - International Pentecostal Holiness Church
KPCA - Korean Presbyterian Church  
LCMS - Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
LUTH - Lutheran (unspecified) 
MCC - Metropolitan Community Church 
MISSBAPT - Missionary Baptist
NBC - National Baptist Convention
NAZ -  Church of the Nazarene 
NONDENOM  - Independent, Nondenominational 
PAW - Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
PAC - Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
PCA - Presbyterian Church of America 
PCUSA - Presbyterian Church, .  
PENT - Pentecostal (unspecified)
PNB - Progressive National Baptist 
PRESB - Presbyterian (unspecified)
QUAKER - Quaker
RCA - Reformed Church in America   
RELSCI - Religious Science
SA - Salvation Army
SDA - Seventh-day Adventist
SBC - Southern Baptist Convention  
UMC - United Methodist Church 
UCC - United Church of Christ
UPCI - United Pentecostal Church International
UNITY - Unity
UNK - Unknown (unspecified)
UPC - United Pentecostal Church
VINE - Vineyard 
WELS - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
WES - Wesleyan  [Visit the Hartford Institute page of official
denominational homepages]

Dead Congregation play a style of death metal with significant emphasis on atmosphere rather than speed or technicality, and has been described as " uncompromisingly brutal in a subsuming, freeing way." [22] Comparisons have been frequently made to death metal bands such as Incantation , Immolation , and Morbid Angel , and are often described as "old-school" death metal, in reference to their influence from older death metal styles. [18] [21] The band have stressed the importance of "feeling and atmosphere above all." Valtsanis said that "The same riff can sound completely different if you alter important factors such us sound, drumming, the way you hit the chords on the guitar and many more. But in the end it’s all about the atmosphere a recording creates, if it doesn’t ooze of death and morbidity then it shouldn’t be labeled as Death Metal simply because the vocals are distorted and the drums are fast." He went on to describe their sound as "just darkened Death Metal the way we perceive it as true." [3]

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Dead Congregation - Graves Of The ArchangelsDead Congregation - Graves Of The ArchangelsDead Congregation - Graves Of The ArchangelsDead Congregation - Graves Of The Archangels