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Pekka Juhani ”Pave” Maijanen (born September 3, 1950, in Lappeenranta, Finland) is a well-known Finnish musician who has a long career with stints as singer, lyricist, bassist, drummer, guitarist, and producer. In addition to his solo career, Maijanen has taken part in the groups the Royals , Rock'n'Roll Band , Pepe & Paradise , and also as the keyboardist-producer for Dingo and Hurriganes . Maijanen's first job was as producer of the Wigwam 's Nuclear Night Club album.

Lordi has toured around the world actively since 2002. The band records a new studio album in 2–3 years cycle, and at the same time Mr Lordi upgrades the costumes and masks of the band. Monstereophonic were released in Fall of 2016. The band has gone through several line-up changes, but original members Mr Lordi and guitarist Amen are still active with the band.

Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö...Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö...Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö...Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö...